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That is the Question


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David and Jonathan

There’s an argument I first heard in college, that the bromance between the biblical David and Jonathan was in fact a homosexual relationship. The key arguments for this come in places where the writer notes how close the two men … Continue reading

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What we can learn from a sacred cow

I heard a story once about a Christian missionary whose neighbor was a devout Hindu who greatly venerated a cow that the Hindu family owned. I think most Westerners, particularly monotheists, would agree that venerating a cow is at least … Continue reading

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‘Yes we can’ redux

Last night my older daughter was dragging her feet at getting ready for bed. There typically are two solutions to this problem. One is to berate the child, to hound and harass her, and dog her every step until she … Continue reading

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People who live in card houses

Indigo: i think, in that a lot of times in order to actually rely fully on God, one has to let go of “God.” But i can see where the possibility that there might not be the same kind of … Continue reading

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Discuss: Religion and Prejudice

Thought I would jot down a few quick thoughts I had today, stemming in part from the recent defeat of Proposition 8 in California. 1) Christocentric spirituality is concerned with the liberation of people from slavery. This is spiritual liberation … Continue reading

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Start of a story

Once upon a time there was a girl named Eowyn who wanted to take notes about mirrors at her sister’s ballet class. This might seem at first to be an odd interest, but the truth is far more compelling than … Continue reading

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Trilinguality redux

I discovered yesterday that I’m more capable in Spanish than I had realized. While I was at the school waiting for a committee meeting to start, I picked up one of the Spanish language papers and started skimming the headlines. … Continue reading

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Dinosaurs and the Bible

I’m watching my girls wrestle with a faith issue right now, and it’s amazing to see. The issue, not too surprisingly, is the dinosaurs. I’ve been fairly quiet on the subject myself, but at school they keep hearing that dinosaurs … Continue reading

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Ex-gay marriage

(For further context) It’s an interesting question. What is the “proper” basis of marriage anyway? We base our marriages on expectations of love and romance that trickled down from literary ideals like the courtly love of Lancelot and Guenever (and … Continue reading

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