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Did I really say that?

I was checking out the stats on “The Recovering Christian” when I found footsteps that led from an old post of Brucker’s, on “Running from Elevators.” Curious, I followed the footsteps backward, and came across this priceless comment that I had … Continue reading

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Murder, fools and adultery: Breaking down Matthew 5

Matthew 5 contains the first third of that gospel’s Sermon on the Mount. After a benediction that outlines the virtues of the revolution that Jesus desires, he begins a long discourse on the Law. He prefaces this with the statement … Continue reading

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Get off my porch

I think I must have the dumbest college students in the world for neighbors. I was on the phone with my wife just now, when I heard someone at the door, very obviously trying to open it, putting the key in … Continue reading

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The God I don’t believe in

From Joseph Heller’s “Catch 22”: “The God I don’t believe in is loving, kind and benevolent, not the cruel, weak and careless God you don’t believe in.” — Mrs. Scheisskopf

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1950s redux

I think that you, like the evangelicals, are perhaps taking a one-dimensional view of the fifties and you are making the error of judging the past through the eyes of the present. Was the Fifties a better time from a … Continue reading

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Legalism in the church

While there is a danger to a laissez faire attitude toward behavior, it has not been my experience at all in churches, particularly evangelical ones, that this is the error the church has been falling into in terms of personal ethics … Continue reading

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‘The Graveyard Book’

 Boy do I feel like an idiot. Neil Gaiman’s latest novel for young readers, “The Graveyard Book,” recently won a Newberry Medal. It’s quite a distinction, and one well earned for the book, which chronicles the childhood of Nobody Owens, … Continue reading

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The nude in art

Here’s a shocker for the Moral Majority among us. I believe it is possible for a man to look at a nude female without being inflamed with lust. Not only possible, but natural. Eroticism is something that comes naturally to … Continue reading

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‘Free at last’: Belated thoughts on the Obama presidency

With Barack Obama freshly sworn in as president of the United States, there’s been increased talk about whether we finally have arrived. People are hailing the election of our first black president as proof that we have arrived and are … Continue reading

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Go, and sin no more

I got a call from an old friend this morning. After a few pleasantries, he asked, “Is there something I should know about Mike?” I suppose that’s one way of putting it. Mike is transgendered. Last year he began transitioning … Continue reading

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