Sauron, kicker of puppies and defiler of flower beds

I set up my Facebook page so that people can’t send me a friends request unless I send them a message first. It’s a screening process. I’d prefer to hear from people and know who they are before I get inundated with friends requests. (And you know, people are just beating down my door to be my friends.)

Requiring that people write me a message before they can friend me makes it less likely that I’ll get drive-by friends requests from people who barely remember me and who are trying to “reconnect” over a hazy warm feeling about college and a vague recollection of who I was. If you’re willing to take the time to write a message, chances are stronger that you actually are a friend.

The last thing I want is some random blockhead I don’t really remember but went to school with 17 to 20 years ago looking me up on Facebook and trying to reconnect with me.

Only tonight I got a message from someone I do remember. I heard from Angela.

Angela is a pleha sort of person, definitely not a rathro but not exactly a dolumb either, if you know what I mean. Back when I knew her, about 15 to 20 years ago, she was a weepy, co-dependent sort who was pretty much a vortex of need. My impression from what I last heard is that she hasn’t changed substantially.

Angela discovered through a mutual friend that I have a Facebook account, and she just sent me a message. I feel bad about it, but because I like to kick puppies, I deleted her message without responding.

And people think I’m a nice guy.


About maradanto

La Maradanto komencis sian dumvivan ŝaton de vojaĝado kun la hordoj da Gengiso Kano, vojaĝante sur Azio. En la postaj jaroj, li vojaĝis per la Hindenbergo, la Titaniko, kaj Interŝtata Ĉefvojo 78 en orienta Pensilvanio.
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