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Dr. Manhattan at the library

I’m here at the library, and the woman across from me is scratching her cheek. The photograph is lying on the floor, it is falling, it is in my hand. Thirty-nine minutes, the rain will start falling on the city … Continue reading

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Health care

There’s a lot been said lately about President Obama’s plans for creating a national health care system. To hear some people talking, we’re looking at the Health Care Apocalypse if this goes through. There’s a lot being said about shiftless … Continue reading

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Great Socialists from American history

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They’re growing up

During the past year, it sometimes has seemed as though the girls are in a race to get taller. Evangeline would pull ahead for a couple weeks, and then Rachel would have a growth spurt and catch up. It is … Continue reading

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The state we’re in

Copy the list of states below, mark which ones you have been to, and explain what you did there. (Your visit doesn’t count if all you did was to land at the airport, debark, and catch a connecting flight, nor … Continue reading

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Evangeline discovers ‘Star Trek’

While I’ve been battling the blue monster the past couple weeks, I’ve been happy that the girls have been leading active social lives all the summer so far. School let out in mid-June, and despite my usual difficulties and awkwardness … Continue reading

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Untitled poem

The first tremors were a distant earthquake. Alone, they would pass unnoticed, Empty, and soon forgotten. They grew near, and soon they were a stampede, A herd of wild horses, thundering across the plains, Until the earth shook beneath their … Continue reading

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What have you read?

Here’s another of those lists of books, where you’re supposed to mark what you’ve read. According to current Internet rumor, which means it’s probably not true, the BBC reportedly believes most people will have only read six of the 100 … Continue reading

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Have a nice day

Since 2001, excepting a three-year sabbatical, I’ve been a regular on an Internet forum known as CHRefugee. In the beginning especially, this was a forum that was a cut above the rest. It was an online gathering of Christians, some … Continue reading

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Not really an IM session

But I do love the wit and flow of the discussion. Dave: Which afflication do you suffer from most? heebie jeebies the willies formication Greg: Formication? What’s that — people with a fetish for kitchen counters? Brucker: Kitchen counters? That’s … Continue reading

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