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Naming, by EML

What to name it?I’ve finished it now all things deserve names But what is the name of this one to be? Moon? Sky? Town? City? Since I can’t think of anything I’ll pick up my pen and call a painting … Continue reading

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Pray for the president

Back in 1993, when I was living just outside Port-au-Prince, one of the newly arrived missionaries I was getting to know told me about a funny new bumper sticker that people in his church were sporting on their cars. It … Continue reading

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Tipping point

It finally happened, folks: I have crossed through the door into the city of eternal woe, and there is no hope for me. Last night, I dreamed in Esperanto. I am completely and irrevocably given over to geekdom. It’s too … Continue reading

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‘Jesus, Interrupted’

The first rule of reading is to set aside what you think you know about the text and understand the larger context which the book appeared in. That’s not particularly difficult to do with a modern book, whose background is … Continue reading

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That felt good

So I’m sitting inside talking to my friend Melissa, while a minivan is parked outside in front of our house. As I watch, the woman in the passenger’s side rolls down the window and drops an empty can out the … Continue reading

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My daughter’s teacher hit me

I want to state right up front that I had it coming to me. The charter school on Wednesday night had a special arrangement where interested parents could attend brief workshops with select teachers to see what our children are … Continue reading

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Faith amid the ruins

A friend asks, “What have you been learning about the Kingdom of God?” As God is my witness, I have no idea how to answer that question. My journey has been an interesting one. After an initial four years or … Continue reading

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Minor disappointment of long standing

I recently received an e-mail from my mother saying that she had just received a gift card to Border’s and wanted to know if there were any books I was interested in for Christmas. She’s thoughtful that way. I fired … Continue reading

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‘Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt’

I just finished reading Anne Rice’s novel about the childhood of Jesus: pretty good reading, and not a single vampire to show for. Rice made headlines four years ago when she announced that she was writing the book. As she … Continue reading

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The time I talked to Mike Card

Several years ago when I was working for the former Forbes Newspapers, I almost got to meet Mike Card. Mike Card is one of those rarest of Christian musicians: one who is actually worth listening to. Unlike many other Christian … Continue reading

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