Character references

I just got called by a company to provide a charcater reference for my close, personal friend Nils. Oh, Nils. You should know better than to ask me for a reference.

Don’t worry, though. I wouldn’t provide the exact same reference I gave for a different close, personal friend. I developed an entirely different set of comments to provide. Take your pick:

1. I’ve know Nils ever since we did the convenience store job together.

2. Nils? That backstabbing, treacherous, black-hearted bastard. I’ll never forgive him for what he did to me. Never!

3. Well, I don’t mean to impugn his character, but the FBI called just a minute ago with the same question.

4. Oh yeah, Nils is a great guy. He only sells the best-quality shit.

5. Tell him I still want that 500 bucks he owes me.


About maradanto

La Maradanto komencis sian dumvivan ŝaton de vojaĝado kun la hordoj da Gengiso Kano, vojaĝante sur Azio. En la postaj jaroj, li vojaĝis per la Hindenbergo, la Titaniko, kaj Interŝtata Ĉefvojo 78 en orienta Pensilvanio.
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One Response to Character references

  1. mccloudnj says:

    You’re a cruel man. I admire that in a person.

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