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Your mom joke revisited

The girls were in the back seat, hitting each other with one “your mom” joke after another, when their mother objected. Such humor is rude, puerile and not what we expect from them, she reminded them. The 7-year-old didn’t miss … Continue reading

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Racial reconciliation is not what we need

Here come the renewed calls for an end to racial animus and healing. Oh, how I am tired of them. A recent motion to condemn the alt-right died in committee at the Southern Baptist Convention. Predictably, following the outrage, the … Continue reading

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Glad to have you here

I was at the supermarket today when a woman wearing a niqab got in line behind me. For those unfamiliar with styles of Muslim dress, a niqab is an outfit worn by women in the more conservative sects of Islam. … Continue reading

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Beyond the plain reading: The Bible and same-sex relations

What can ancient porn discovered in Pompeii tell us about the context behind some of the passages of Scripture used to argue against the normalization of same-sex relationships? This is the question raised and explored in an article by Carol … Continue reading

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Alone in hell

I woke up last night and knew I was in hell. The space among us is wider than what lies between stars, so that even the tenderest “I love you” is lost in the darkness and never finds the ears … Continue reading

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Of six-legged pigs and dwarf elephants

Twenty-some years ago, when my wife and I first started dating, I noticed that in her collection of stuffed animals she had a pig and an elephant that were cut from the same cloth, almost certainly in a literal sense. … Continue reading

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Peter Salem

Have you ever hear about Peter Salem? He was born in 1750, an African-American slave in Massachusetts. When Salem received his freedom in 1775, he went and joined the Continental Army and fought for our nation’s freedom. As part of … Continue reading

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Important advisory

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The next step

I’ve just been notified by the Rutgers University School of Social Work that I’ve been accepted into their master’s program for the fall semester, at the campus downtown. My goal is to enroll part-time and earn a degree in the … Continue reading

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Is Severus Snape transgender?

A new article on Vice explores the issues of gender and identity in the world of Harry Potter, with the argument that Severus Snape is transgender. The article takes a while to get going, but when it does, it makes … Continue reading

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