Of six-legged pigs and dwarf elephants

UntitledTwenty-some years ago, when my wife and I first started dating, I noticed that in her collection of stuffed animals she had a pig and an elephant that were cut from the same cloth, almost certainly in a literal sense.

The pig and the elephant had the same build. Same legs. Same tail. Same ears. Same head. Same bow. The only difference was that the elephant had a trunk while the pig had a snout. Also, the pig was three or four times as large as the elephant. They were even made from the same pink material.

Two years later, my wife and her roommate were seniors. Erika unveiled her new stuffed animal, an octopus also cut from the same pink cloth. I promptly named it Six-Legged Pig.

A couple years later at graduate school, one of Erika’s new friends called it “Inky,” based on the assigned name on the tag.

“No,” Erika said, “that’s ‘Six-Legged Pig.'”

“But it’s not a pig!” the friend said.

“I know.”

“It doesn’t have six legs!”

“You just have to know Dave.”


About maradanto

La Maradanto komencis sian dumvivan ŝaton de vojaĝado kun la hordoj da Gengiso Kano, vojaĝante sur Azio. En la postaj jaroj, li vojaĝis per la Hindenbergo, la Titaniko, kaj Interŝtata Ĉefvojo 78 en orienta Pensilvanio.
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