No love today

Not feeling the love for Middlesex County Vocational and Technical Schools this week. Not feeling the love.

My daughter hopes to compete in cross country again this year, which requires a routine physical to make sure she can handle it. As a courtesy, the school provided a doctor from 9 to 10:30 Thursday morning.

I took her sister to circus camp at 9 a.m., rushed home, and got to the high school just after 10. The doctor had decided to leave at 9:45, despite being told that someone was coming. So now I’m trying to get the form completed by our family doctor (for a fee) when I did everything on my end to have it done already.

I’ve written to the school about the unprofessionalism, but haven’t heard back. At a minimum I hope (but do not expect) that they dock at least a portion of his pay for failing to complete his duties. And next year I hope they hire someone else.


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