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Kitchen stove, stuff of nightmares

It was the worst nightmare I’d had since I was a child dreaming that Sleestak, reptile men from “The Land of the Lost,”  were invading our house through a hole in the basement wall. Nightmares. We all have them. Dreams … Continue reading

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They always cast their spells in ancient Greek

It was while I was watching an episode of “Constantine” recently that I noticed not for the first time that warlocks and sorcerers always seem to perform their magicks in an ancient language. The language varies, but it’s typically one … Continue reading

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‘Land of the Lost’

I think it was when I saw “Star Trek” in the movie theater that I discovered there was going to be a “Land of the Lost” movie starring Will Ferrell. I don’t care much for Will Ferrell, personally. He was all right … Continue reading

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Lower the shields and prepare for transport

Maybe I should take Eowyn to see the new “Star Trek” movie; I think she’d find it very accessible. In many ways, she’s like the Enterprise herself. Get into a talk with her, and if her long-range sensors pick up … Continue reading

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BSG 4.0 (spoilers)

Damn it all, you blew it up anyway! Damn you all to hell! I give myself credit for expecting there to be some catch to finding Earth. I didn’t expect there to be a reprise of “Galactica 1980” for the second … Continue reading

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