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Peter Salem

Have you ever hear about Peter Salem? He was born in 1750, an African-American slave in Massachusetts. When Salem received his freedom in 1775, he went and joined the Continental Army and fought for our nation’s freedom. As part of … Continue reading

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‘The Battle for God’

This book is too ambitious to succeed, but it’s not for want of trying. In “The Battle for God,” author Karen Armstrong attempts to trace the rise of fundamentalism in the world’s three major monotheistic religions, beginning with the rise … Continue reading

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Every now and then, a work comes along that reminds you just how great the potential is that comic books have as a literary medium. I don’t mean things like “Watchmen” or “Kingdom Come” that show you the potential for … Continue reading

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‘Minarets of Menace’: Inside Iran

The Daily Show sends Jason Jones into Iran to plumb the depths of depravity that lie within the Axis of Evil. It’s a truly a mind-boggling discovery just how depraved the Iranian people are.   The Daily Show With Jon … Continue reading

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The name of God

It seems to be a source of regular conflict, discussion and argument among Christians, particularly of the evangelical set: Do Muslims and Christians worship the same god? To many people outside the fold, and even to many believers inside it, … Continue reading

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